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Travel To Mount Bromo From Jakarta Indonesia

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Travel To Mount Bromo From Jakarta Indonesia – For tour and travel lovers, Mount Bromo is a tourist spot in Indonesia, precisely in East Java Province, which is close to the Surabaya airport. Mount Bromo tourism is the main destination for foreign tourists who want to spend their holiday in Indonesia, Surabaya, East Java.

Since the closure of Mount Bromo due to the corona virus (covid19) now tourists from all over Indonesia can again enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains around the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, but they are still required to follow health protocols by wearing masks when traveling to Mount Bromo.

Travel Te Mount Bromo With Public Transportation

In general, vacationers to Bromo use the services of travel agents, but many also go to Bromo by private cars, some even prefer to use public transportation or backpackers, by choosing to use public transportation.

Many activities are usually carried out there, one of which is the activity in Bromo that is most favored by tourists when watching the sunrise or Bromo Sunrise. For those of you who come from Jakarta, you must prepare well in advance to buy train, bus or plane tickets to Surabaya or Malang in advance.

However, before that, you must know how much it will cost to get to Bromo tourism. Either from Surabaya, Malang Batu or from Jakarta. Here we will provide a summary of the estimated cost

Cost to Mount Bromo By Train

From Jakarta to Mount Bromo you can take the train, choose the train to Surabaya station. There are many trains from Gambir station, Pasar Senen station to Surabaya Pasar Turi station located at Jalan Semarang 1, Tembok Dukuh, Bubutan, Surabaya.

The cheapest ticket price is the Argo Bromo Anggrek (Executive) train, which is Rp. 375,000 per person. Arriving at Surabaya Station, you will continue your journey to Bungurasih Terminal by public transportation. The estimated cost is around IDR 6,000 – 7,000.

Well,, when you arrive at Bungurasih terminal, continue taking public transportation to the Bayuangga Probolinggo Bus Terminal, the estimated cost of taking the bus from Surabaya – Probolinggo, is Rp. 40,000.

Arriving at the Bayuangga Probolinggo terminal, then transfer to village transportation to the Bromo Jeep Rental service in Sukapura, Cemoro Lawang, Ngadisari, Probolinggo until you choose a hotel to spend the night in the Mount Bromo area

Cost to Mount Bromo By Flight / Plane

The estimated cost if you use a plane, the cheapest with a Citilink plane is around Rp. 385,000 one way for the Jakarta-Surabaya trip. Then, from Juanda Airport to Bungurasih Terminal, take the DAMRI which costs Rp. 30,000. Then from Bungurasih to Terminal Arjosari the cost of taking a bus is around Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 25,000. From Arjosari Terminal you can take an angkot to Bayuangga Probolinggo Bus Terminal at a cost of around Rp. 4,000, and change to a Bison angkot to Cemoro Lawang for Rp. 35,000. In total, the estimated cost from Jakarta to Mount Bromo if you start by plane is around Rp 464,000 per person.

Private Travel To Mount Bromo 

Private Travel To Mount Bromo is an option that is often taken by tourists visiting Bromo where the privacy and atmosphere of the tour becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Private Travel Package Mount Bromo does not prioritize the number of participants, in general a minimum of two people can join this tour, of course if the price can be cheaper if there are more participants.

Mount Bromo tour is now getting easier with affordable prices for all people. You don’t have to bother with designing and preparing it yourself, nor do you need to be confused about finding a weekend or holiday. Through this Travel to Mount Bromo activity, we provide a daily schedule for travel from Batu City and Malang, or from Surabaya Airport and every day without a minimum quota, two people can register and join an affordable price offer, of course with a Mount Bromo private tour package

This Mount Bromo Private Tour for 2 days 1 night, starting with a pick up from the Surabaya airport, then staying in the Mount Bromo area to see the beauty of Bromo Sunrise as well as visiting interesting tourist attractions in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area.

Travel To Bromo From Surabaya Malang

You can start the Bromo Malang 2 Day 1 Night tour package from Surabaya or Malang city of Batu with the following Bromo Malang 2 day 1 night vacation itinerary:

Travel To Mount Bromo 2 Days 1 Nights

Day 1: Surabaya / Malang – Mount Bromo Hotel Area

  • Mount Bromo private tour program 2 days 1 night starts with picking you up from Surabaya or the airport in Malang, then heading to the hotel in the Bromo area – + 3 hours drive.
  • Arrive at the hotel near Mount Bromo, check in the hotel and rest to prepare for the Bromo tour tomorrow.

Day 2: Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour – Finish The Trip

  • 03:00AM our travel team to Mount Bromo will pick you up using a Bromo Jeep for the Bromo sunrise program at the peak of Penanjakan 1.
  • Arriving at the peak of Penanjakan 1, walk for 5 minutes to the best spot to see the beauty of Bromo Sunrise.
    06:00AM, continue the journey to Bromo Crater – + 20 minutes drive from the peak of sunrise.
  • Arrive at the jeep parking lot near Bromo Crater, walk for 30 minutes or use a horse rental service to the Bromo crater location.
  • After visiting Bromo Crater, continue the journey to Padang savanna as well as Teletubbies Hill.
    As the closing of the Bromo Malang tour 2 days 1 night, then after visiting the savanna grasslands and the teletubbies hill, we visited the Bromo Whispering Sand.
  • After exploring all tourist points in the Bromo Tengger National Park area, return to the hotel for breakfast.
  • After that, the disappointed travel agent will take you back to the initial pick-up location, namely in Surabaya or Malang and the Bromo Malang tour 2 days 1 night, finished.

Travel To Mount Bromo Ijen Crater 3 Days 2 Nights

Day 01: Surabaya/Malang/Sidoarjo to Mount Ijen Banyuwangi Tour

  • Pick up in the morning from Surabaya then continue with a 7-8 hour road trip to Ijen crater tour. Take a break and have lunch at a restaurant around the White beach while enjoying the beauty of this beach located in Situbondo.
  • Then continue the journey back and when you arrive at the inn or hotel closest to Ijen Crater, check in and stay overnight. You can take a walk to see the beautiful and beautiful coffee plantations.

Day 02: Hotel – Paltuding – Ijen Crater Tour – Mount Bromo

  • In the morning around 4 am from the hotel proceed to the Paltuding entrance post, from here then continue climbing or trekking to Ijen crater. This climbing takes about 2 hours to reach the crater lake accompanied by a local guide in Ijen.
  • Satisfied with enjoying the natural charm of the Ijen crater, go back to Paltuding, return to the hotel, shower, have breakfast and continue your tour to the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo.

Day 03: Mount Bromo Tour – Airport Station Surabaya/ Malang

  • Mount Bromo Tour Packages start at 3 p.m. by hartop or jeep driving to the top of Mount Penanjakan, this Bromo jeep adventure takes about 1 hour to reach the top of Penanjakan. After seeing the beautiful sunrise, back to the sea of ​​​​sand, proceed to Bromo crater, savanna and whispering sand.
  • Then back to the hotel for breakfast, shower and rest. Check out at 12 noon then transfer back to Surabaya or Malang. After arriving at the destination of the Mount Bromo Ijen Crater tour package, the tour ends.

Price For Mont Bromo Ijen Crater Travel Packages

For price information and details of the facilities that we will provide for the Bromo Ijen Crater tour package, please contact the telephone number on this website via whatsapp, telephone or sms. For the price we will give later according to the number of participants and the facilities desired by the tour participants

Booking Package Travel To Bromo


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