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Mount Bromo Sunrise Package Cheap Price

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Mount Bromo Sunrise Package Cheap Price – very affordable package, this Mount Bromo Sunrise Package from Surabaya is perfect for cutting your costs, sometimes sudden time adjustments and for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation with a new atmosphere and a short time and this package is highly recommended for those of you who don’t have long holidays, just fill in transit in the city near Mount Bromo, this package starts from the Surabaya airport, the station, even the hotel where you stay in Surabaya, if you stay other than in the city of Surabaya you can discuss with us so we can provide a solution best for your trip to Bromo

Vacation To Mount Bromo Indonesia

Vacation To Mount Bromo indonesia  – The Mount Bromo tour package is an alternative tour that you can choose when visiting Surabaya. This one tour package will take you to the best place to see the Golden Sunrise so it will really help those of you who are looking for the best photo spots in Bromo. Mount Bromo is one type of mountain that is currently still active and is the main destination for tourists in the province of East Java, Indonesia. The beauty of Mount Bromo is even more beautiful with other views such as Teletubies Hill, Noisy Sand and some of the best spots. Local and foreign tourists can also enjoy the feeling of riding or riding a hardtop jeep over the desert sea while enjoying the scenery around the location.

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Poten Temple, Cliffs, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru are sights that are ready to spoil your eyes. Because it has unparalleled beauty and beauty and the unspoiled nature of the mountains, it is not surprising that Mount Bromo has become a favorite tourist destination for all local and foreign tourists. Mount Bromo comes with stunning natural scenery so you can visit Bromo using the Bromo Sunrise tour package for 2 days 1 night with a minimum of 4 spots, namely, Penanjakan view point 1, Mount Bromo crater, savanna, whispering sand.

Reach Bromo From Surabaya Airport

Route To Bromo From Surabaya – If you are from Jakarta to go to Mount Bromo, you can go directly to Surabaya Airport. If Via Malang (Old City Station, Abdurahman Saleh Airport or Arjosari Terminal) can be continued according to the route and reach to Mount Bromo from Malang, but if you do this trip without buying our private package, or with a backpacker trip, we recommend that upon arrival at Juanda Airport, use Damri bus goes to Bungurasih bus terminal in Surabaya. From here, take a bus bound for Jember or Banyuwangi and ask the bus to get off at the Bayuangga Probolinggo terminal.

Until the Probolinggo terminal, you can use village transportation by colt type car to Ngadisari District. Ngadisari, along with two other villages, namely Wonotoro and Jetak, is a hillside area of ​​Cemoro Lawang, the closest village to Mount Bromo. but if you do it by buying our package with a private tour, you don’t need to do this because when you arrive in the city of Surabaya, the airport or your place of stay at the Surabaya hotel, we will pick you up and take you with our car that has been prepared in advance, with an experienced driver. and very friendly

Mount Bromo Sunrise Equipment

Some of the equipment that you must prepare include:

1. Thick jackets, scarves, socks, shoes and gloves to reduce the cold.
2. Change of clothes and pants. Even if you’re only going on a day trip, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes. Clothes that are dirty with dust will reduce your comfort on the way home.
3. Mouth and nose covering masks that will be useful when you go to Bromo crater. Sandy and dusty locations will be very disturbing if you do not wear a mask.
4. Queen Ellisabeth’s hat to cover your face from the sun. The use of sun block can also reduce sunburn.
5. Camera, tripod, spare battery, large capacity + spare memory card. The enchantingly beautiful scenery will make you not get tired of snapping left-right, front-back because wherever you look is extraordinary. Don’t let the camera battery run out half way or your memory is full so you miss the beautiful view from your camera shots.
6. Snacks, drinks, and other snacks. Waiting for the sun to rise while sitting jokingly with your friends while enjoying snacks and warm drinks will reduce the cold weather in Penanjakan.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour schedule

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package From Surabaya 2 Days 1 Night

Day One: Surabaya Airport – Mount Bromo Area

The first day is pick up from Surabaya or Malang to Bromo Hotel. Pick up is done at the station / hotel and airport then the tourists will be taken to the Bromo Hotel to rest. On this first day, tourists have not been invited to visit tourist spots. The trip will be carried out on the second day, namely visiting some of the best tourist spots in Bromo.

The Second Day: Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour – Return To Surabaya/ Malang 

This trip to Bromo starts at 03.30 where all tourists will be picked up at the hotel using a Jeep Hardtop to go straight to Penanjakan 1. At this location, tourists will enjoy a very beautiful and enchanting sunrise or sunrise. After enjoying the sunrise, the journey will continue to the beautiful Bromo crater. After unwinding by looking at the Bromo crater, the journey will continue to Savana, Teletubbies Hill and finally to Whispering Sand. After the four locations have been visited, the tourists are then invited back to the hotel to rest.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Package Facilities 2D/1N

  • Private Transport (Driver + BBM. + AC)
    (2 – 5 = Avansa / 6 = Innova / 7 – 12 = HIACE / 13 – 15= Long ELF Tourism)
  • Hotels around Bromo.
  • Breakfast.
  • Bromo Jeeps.
  • Entrance ticket to Bromo tourist attraction.
  • Mineral Water 600 ml.

Facilities Are Not Included

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Bromo Horse
  • Personal expenses

Cost For Surabaya Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 

Cost For Surabaya Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour  – Bromo Sunrise vacation only one day? Very fitting for those of you who want to take a vacation without having to take a lot of office leave. Don’t miss the experience of seeing the amazing Panorama Sunrise at Mount Bromo, Mount Bromo Teletubbies, Padang Savanah and taking pictures in the Whispering Sand & Bromo Sand Sea which is very unique. Can depart every day, without having to wait for a group, with Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Prices starting from IDR 2,350,000/person for at least 2 participants but if more than 2 people, there is a special price from us

The Mount Bromo sunrise tour package is currently the favorite choice, because this trip provides an opportunity for you to explore some of the most favorite spots in Bromo in a series of routes starting with Surnise in Penanjakan. This route can be started by picking up from hotels or inns in Surabaya and Malang.
The cost is very cheap with a minimum of 2 participants without a maximum. To get special prices from us, you must make a reservation in advance because the availability of using Bromo Sunrise from Surabaya is also limited. Reservations can be made via Whatsapp or can send us an email

Booking Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour 


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